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    STOP negative thoughts with this mini 1-minute meditation

    My 1-minute mini meditation… We live in a noisy old world. And when I say noise, I mean the noise inside our head. We have something crazy like 60 thousand thoughts a day, the majority of which can be very … Continue reading »

    Three things you MUST do each day to ensure success!

    Three things a day you must do… As a personal growth expert I help people all over the world to transform their life, to help them grow and expand and create the life they want for themselves. I love my … Continue reading »

    Is your money mindset keeping you skint?

    Hey folks! You are going to LOVE today’s video. We are talking Monday Mindset. Yes, we’ll be peeling back the layers on all those negative money beliefs that are keeping you skint and I’m going to be sharing with you … Continue reading »

    Spring clean your life, body and mind in 3 simple steps

    Spring clean your life, body and mind… Today I am going to share three really simple steps that have the potential to really improve your life this month. We all have things surrounding us day-in-and-day-out that continue to drain our … Continue reading »

    What to do when the sh*t hits the fan!

    What to do when the sh*t hits the fan… Have you ever experienced a real setback in your life? Just when you thought all was fine and dandy the universe gave you an almighty slap around the face. You got … Continue reading »

    Download your free ‘2014 Review & Reflect’ exercise now…

    Make a 30-minute appointment with yourself now! As promised I have a little Christmas gift for you – below this video you’ll find a download called ‘2014 Review & Reflect’ exercise. This is an ideal opportunity for you to make … Continue reading »

    Are you letting people take advantage? Here’s what to do…

    How to stop people taking advantage. We’ve all heard of the term boundaries and have an idea of what it means, but how many of us are aware of our own personal boundaries in life and most importantly, realise how … Continue reading »

    Four questions to change your life!

    Four questions to change your life! In today’s episode I’m going to share with you four really awesome questions that have the potential to increase your happiness levels and change your life. Too often we get caught up in future … Continue reading »

    Evaporate negative thoughts in under 2 minutes!

    This week I’ve got another awesome energy tool to share with you from the wonderful Donna Eden. Now this energy tool is for when you’re feeling really stressed out or even out of control. It releases tension from your body … Continue reading »

    Tap in more joy in 10 seconds flat!

    Today I’m going to share an awesome technique with you that I learned from the wonderful Donna Eden called Tapping in the Joy. It’s dead simple to do and takes no more than 10 seconds.

 Over countless generations our minds … Continue reading »