Subscription now closed, doors re-open January 2017


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Deep down do you feel the pull, you hear the call from within… the feeling that there is more to life...

The desire to…

  • Find adventure and to be totally engaged in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, wishing and waiting for your life to change.
  • Be totally authentic, to know who you are, and what you want instead of feeling controlled, lost and disillusioned.
  • To find a like-minded community of friends instead of feeling lonely and isolated.
  • To feel connected, joyous and abundant instead of following someone else's rules!

My 'Life Lounge’ is for women who feel just like this... I know, because I used to be that woman.

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A personal note from Louise…

I am a massive personal growth fan! Life is short and I believe we are put on this planet to find our joy and to grow and expand. After all, why else are we here? And my passion means I have had my nose in self-help books for the last ten years (I have a very large book collection). Even now I'm forever going on courses, workshops and retreats. Meditation, mindfulness, prayer, journaling, hypnosis, energy healing and yoga are a huge part of my daily life - just ask my family!

I am passionate about making sure I live my best life, but more importantly as a Personal Growth Coach, I am absolutely committed to helping others to do the same too.

You can imagine that having been in business for ten years I have created a pretty awesome transformation toolbox of practical and powerful exercises and techniques which really do work, and what’s even more exciting is; now I’m ready to open and share this magic toolbox with you!

I know I’m not alone in my quest to find a better way to live, (literally everyone I speak to feels the same), but if unlike them, you really are determined to make this year count, then you are going to loooove my new Life Lounge community!

For many years I’ve wanted to create a global online community where I can not only offer my expertise and support, but also where people can come together to help and support each other too.

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Remember it’s a transformational community of like-minded people


I am literally bouncing off the walls as I type, this project is a dream come true for me as I know it will help loads of people. It’s open for a limited time so make sure you sign up today!

This is a monthly subscription platform that offers you coaching tools, exercises, videos, workbooks, inspiration, motivation, structure, support and guidance that will change your life!

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As a Life Lounge member, each month you will get loads of cool stuff including…

  • Your ‘Monthly Life Mapper’. Time to reflect, review and plan for the month ahead.
  • 20 min coaching video covering that month’s topic. There will be a new topic every single month.
  • Supporting coaching exercises to accompany the coaching video.
  • Mantra of the month. Helping you to embed what you've learned. 
  • ‘What's on my coffee table?’ Keep up to speed with what I'm currently reading with my book recommendation of the month.
  • And the best part... private access to my ‘Life Lounge’ Facebook community.

That’s right. Each month you will be coached around a topic gaining loads of practical tools and tips on how to make positive changes easily and effectively. Plus you'll have the chance to talk about that topic with the rest of the community.


***Super-affordable membership, just 60 pence per day!!***


What’s up and coming…

  • JULY - Life Detox - Your big mid-year review.
  • AUGUST - Relationships & boundaries - Learn the art of true connection.
  • SEPTEMBER - Love your work - how to find your purpose and follow your joy.
  • OCTOBER - Find inner peace - discover how to reduce stress and quieten your mind with meditation and mindfulness.
  • NOVEMBER - Your Self-Care and health - Nourish yourself back to health and happiness.
  • DECEMBER - Upgrade your look - Love yourself make the most of what you have!

***Each month will bring something new and exciting***

So are you ready to join me and…

  • Commit to your own personal growth?
  • Up level your life and learn from the best?
  • Explore new ideas that have the potential to change your life?
  • To think differently and take consistent baby steps to improve your life?
  • To hook-up with other like-minded people within my community?
  • To be the creator of your destiny?
  • To change your mindset so you can become the happiest person you know?
  • To get a regular dose of monthly inspiration and motivation?
  • Create the best year of your life?

Today could be another normal day or the start of a whole new you. Take the leap, sign up, learn from the best and make new friends along the way!

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Just £18.50 per month


Subscription now closed, doors re-open January 2017


This is an ongoing monthly subscription.

Louise_Presley_TurnerAbout Louise...

The life-changing techniques I have gained and developed over the last ten years have transformed my life and lifted me to being one of the UK’s leading Personal Growth Experts. And it’s these skills that I share in all of my work as a coach.

What motivates me into sharing these skills?

Well it’s simple. Those who are truly on their path are inspired and inspired people naturally want to share that enthusiasm with others.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all lived our life on purpose.

What makes Louise so special?

As the author of the best selling books ‘Finding a Future That Fits’ and ‘Mindset Mastery’ - Louise’s expertise and life-changing techniques have secured her position as one of the UK’s most successful life coaches. As a prolific writer, Louise has been featured in many of the top national magazines and newspapers as well as BBC radio. She also blogs for The Huffington Post. Her unique style of coaching has produced some amazing results, helping people to define their goals and turn their lives around with amazing success. Louise is also founder of International Change Your Life Week, a free initiative which allows anyone access to expert help and advice in all areas of your life.