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    Choosing a life coach is a big deal and you need to be sure that they are worth their salt. A good way you can get a feel for what a coach is like is by listening to what their clients have to say about both the coach and their coaching methods. Below are just some of the fabulous words of praise which I’ve received from clients which I hope you find useful, but remember the best way to find out more about me is to pick up the phone and give me a call.



    “I am so glad I found you. I have tried other life coaches and have been disappointed, but the way you do things is exactly what I have been looking for. The biggest thing you deliver is results. My sessions with Louise have been life changing. I knew what I wanted from my life, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. After my sessions with Louise everything has become a lot clearer”.
    – Jessica Rose


    Like a lot of people, I have settled into a routine of work which, although it pays the bills, is not fulfilling. The coaching sessions with Louise have made me realise that work can be fun, and that I can find work that uses my talents and allows me to be ‘me’ My coaching experience has been a real eye-opener, and I feel much more ‘me’ again now. So thank you very much for that. 🙂
    – Helen Greenwood


    I have been able to indulge in my own matters and future. I loved all the structured documents Louise provides that brings clear aspects and view as well as solutions for me.
    – Catrin Terman




    Quite simply, coaching has enabled me to change my life. The coaching programme did exactly what it said on the tin. It helped me find my future. I didn’t have specific expectations about what the programme would consist of and honestly thought that I didn’t really have a calling or a talent. Turns out I have both! I wanted help finding my direction and the programme provided that and then some.

    When I decided to work with Louise I was at a really low ebb, struggling to go to work everyday. I knew that I had to do something about it. Coaching gave me the freedom to forget about what I do and think about who I am. Going back to basics and identifying my core values and passions enabled me to pinpoint that my career was not fulfilling them. I was then able to realise that to be happy I had to make a change and therefore open up to new possibilities.

    I am now more aware of who I am and I know that to be successful and fulfilled I have to be authentic. Although I still sometimes struggle to get myself to work everyday, I now have an escape plan! I have signed up to study Coaching and I have been avidly absorbing all kinds of information to help me find my coaching niche. I am also going on a positive psychology course in a few weeks time. Thanks to Louise, instead of dreading the future and feeling like what I am doing is insignificant, I am now excited about the future and the difference I can make in other people’s lives by being true to myself.
    – Corinne


    I met Louise a couple of years ago at the One Life Show and this year when I met her again I decided to give the discovery session a try. I really enjoyed this so went on to have more sessions over the last 6 months or so, with Louise which have been fun and inspiring. I have been on quite a journey and Louise was there at every step of the way to help keep me focused and initially to figure out what it was I want to do next! The sessions have given me the tools I needed and support to enable me to stay positive and keep my end goal in sight. I would definitely recommend working with Louise, in fact I already have!
    – Emma Milroy


    Just wanted to let you know that my album is already out in digital form 🙂 Physical album is coming out soon, too! And I included your name in the album acknowledgements teehee 🙂
    – Marion Aunor


    Thank you so much Louise for changing my life. I was numb for so many years, now I have a vision for the future. It all started with a little article in a free town magazine. And one day I will put your name down on the “I want to thank…” – list for being one of the most inspirational people I have ever met! That’ll probably be in my book that I’m now serious about ; because I know now exactly what I’m going to write!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    – Inka


    Working with you is making such a big difference to my life.
    – Tracey Brooke




    Thanks so much for your email and most importantly for helping to bring my energy back! As a result of reading your book and attending your retreat I can honestly say for the first time in about 18 months I can see light and most importantly I can see Lisa again!!
    – Lisa Skinner


    “Your passion for helping me to live my dream has been inspirational. Thanks to you I reconnected with all my talents, knowledge and most importantly my true purpose. I’ve experienced real breakthroughs and the journey has been fun, too! I am so much happier doing the things I am passionate about. I would happily recommend working with Louise to anyone who wants to get the best out of their life and learn how to share their gifts with those around them. Thank you so much Louise!”
    – Marina, Shropshire


    “Louise has been instrumental in helping me achieve my dream goals and has taught me many techniques to make sure I stay motivated and on the right path. Thanks to her help, I am now so much happier doing the things I am passionate about and I am well on track to one day leaving the 9-5 and working full time for myself. Thank you Louise!”
    – Nadine Higgins


    “Louise’s passion for helping others to live their dreams is inspirational. I’ve experienced real breakthroughs during our coaching time together, and more than anything, it’s been fun! I would happily recommend working with Louise to anyone who wants to get the best out of their life and learn how to share their gifts with those around them. Thank you Louise”.
    – Vicky Green




    Louise was a huge source of encouragement for me throughout my first 12 months in business. I valued the coaching because it was an opportunity for me to process the previous weeks and with the help of Louise make focused plans for the future. I felt a surge of momentum after each call, supported and listened too, and I am very grateful for the time we spent together each month”.
    – Lucy Pemberton-Platt


    “Quite simply, without Louise’ coaching I would not have just had the most amazing 12 months of my life. Since I started working with Louise, I left my established career as a teacher, seized the day and set up my own business and even got to achieve a lifelong ambition of traveling to Paris for work purposes! Working with Louise has given me the confidence to do things outside my ‘old’ comfort zone that I would never have had the courage or confidence to do before. Everything feels possible and nothing is impossible. I no longer have those Monday morning blues, my work is a pleasure and doesn’t feel like work at all. Thank you Louise!”.
    – Alex Kitchener


    “Louise has been my coach for over a year and, in that time, she has encouraged and supported me in making a number of changes in my life. She is very approachable and open-minded and I know that I can talk openly with her about my ideas and plans. She has been a fantastic sounding board as I have sought greater clarity in my professional life. Louise has also helped me to move forward in other areas of my life, not least in terms of my well-being. Whilst she is very motivating and goal focussed when required, she has also helped me recognise at times the need to slow down and develop greater balance in my life. It is this holistic approach that I most appreciate about working with Louise. I always feel more energised, with a clearer sense of myself, after a session with her”.
    – Nicola Vincent




    “Last year I took voluntary redundancy and I decided that it was time to do something different. I just didn’t know that that something was. Career change books are useful, but I wanted one-to-one coaching. Louise’s website appealed to me and then I got the chance to meet her at a workshop in Solihull. Louise is great to work with. She is very positive and motivational. Louise has helped me realise what my values are and that it’s ok to want something different. She is very passionate about finding the right career path for you. I’m on a journey and loving it! Thank you Louise”.
    – Joanne Scarr


    “I am self-employed amongst people who have no drive in life. It can be draining. I was in serious need of a business mentor and was attracted to contact Louise for her Life Coaching services because of her modern bubbly website, associations, track record and coaching structure. She is fun, lively, vibrant and full of enthusiasm. They say surround yourself with people you admire or have those qualitys you would Like to adopt in you’re own life/person and Louise does just that! The Discovery session was great, Louise was very welcoming, bright and the environment relaxed. Her coaching is well presented and home tasks equally mind opening. Louise has helped me get back to grips with organising my business and balancing other aspects of my life. After two sessions I am already seeing a difference in my approach, direction and rehabilitation of areas that needed care. She is a breath of fresh air, a delight to talk to and really understands the challenges and rewards of working for yourself. Thank You!”
    – Leonie


    “Louise has been a great inspiration, has endless enthusiasm and energy, just the sort of person you want in your corner! I have made significant positive changes in my life and feel confident, with the benefit of Louise’s expertise, to continue making my life truly rewarding.”
    – Chris Cartwright


    “To describe myself as a lost lamb at the beginning of 2010 is an understatement. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life next, what my goals were, what my purpose was and what direction to take life in. I knew I wanted to go traveling, but had procrastinated over it for months, I knew I needed to move out of shared accommodation, my job wasn’t all that great and that I had been single for way too long, so where to start? That’s when I saw Louise give a talk at The Vitality Show and I just knew she was someone I needed in my life! With some fabulous discovery sessions, goal setting, commitments to achieving tasks and a big change in the way I was thinking about myself I was on track to a very successful year of manifesting everything I wanted, I just didn’t know it yet!!

    Ultimately it was down to me to take on board and work with everything Louise was coaching me to do, if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have the successes I have now, but without the guidance, know how, tools, tips, nurturing and friendship from Louise I would probably have achieved one or two goals over a longer period and still be thinking about the others. I have taken that adventure round the world, found my man, bought my house, changed my job and had a complete overhaul on how I view the world viewing me and how I view myself. I have a lot of inner happiness, I have some future goals and I can’t wait to get on with them! Thanks Louise!”
    – Max, London




    “Thank you Louise for all your positivity and guidance over the last 6 months. You have provided me with invaluable tools and advice on how to guide my life in the right direction. As well as teaching me so many inspirational and useful techniques, I also feel like I’ve made a friend due to your professional and relaxed approach which has made the whole process so much enjoyable.”
    – Shelley, Essex


    “Louise has helped me turn a real corner in my life. The change in me is astronomical and I can’t thank her enough. Louise will help steer the ship that get’s you to your goal and she does it with such passion and enthusiasm. I can finally say I Love Me.”
    – Victoria, Lancashire


    “I always knew my job wasnt the perfect fit, but the hours were long and the salary was good so I felt like I was stuck in a whirlwind and couldn’t get off to breathe and think. Coaching sessions with Louise were exactly that; time to catch my breath, think and really focus on myself and what I wanted. Louise’s coaching techniques and worksheets gave me the tools to consider what I really wanted and create a plan to go and get it. Having handed in my notice and been accepted on a course to do a job i think i will be really good at and suits me as a person, I feel on top of the world and like life is about to begin again, thanks Louise.” Nicola, Buckinghamshire


    “Coaching is helping change my life by giving me the tools and confidence I need to move forward with my new business venture. Following redundancy, coaching really changed my life. I was propelled into the unknown and there have been times where I have wanted to give up, that I have thought ‘ I’m going to fail’ but Louise has been there to guide and coach me through each step. I strongly feel that had I not met Louise, I would not be where I am at this point of my journey. Coaching has given me the confidence to move in the right direction, and the belief that I can do it! We are all masters of our own destiny, but with the right support and guidance we can change our path and achieve those things we thought were out of reach. I now have many of the tools in place to move forward within my business life, and with continual guidance I feel that I will make a success!”
    – Caroline, Hertfordshire


    “Louise’s coaching has been invaluable in helping me set up my own business as a Life Coach, Writer and Trainer. Not only has Louise provided me with practical tools and strategies to help me move forward and stay focused, she has given me emotional support so I can be happy as I continue on my journey. I have learnt that taking small steps takes you a long way in the end. Setting realistic goals and expectations has helped me to stay inspired and proud of the results I am achieving as we move towards my goals.”
    – Lucy, Liverpool



    “Coaching has really helped me to focus at a time when I had many ideas, but was unsure of the direction. Without coaching it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed and give up when things got hard. It has been amazing to have someone neutral who is on your side to be there and to help put things into perspective or gently encourage when faced with setbacks and tricky decisions. The very act of having someone to be accountable to also works wonders! I’ve definitely learnt the importance of focus and to keep moving forward. This had been something that had been lacking in my life previously, and has helped me really follow something through with a determination that I wouldn’t have done so otherwise.”
    – Gerry, Worcester


    “I wanted to thank you for getting me on track to “committing” myself to goals that I want to achieve. Without you I think that I would have just kept plodding and I still have moments where I think in situations that may overwhelm me “What would Louise do?” Then I’m back straight onto breaking it down into more achievable goals. I’ve achieved so much because of you, your work is wonderful and I feel now that the time is to really embrace that and move forward. I wish you the very best for your future and I’m sure this isn’t the last time we speak”
    – Katie, Surrey


    “Coaching has had a huge impact on my life. Working with you enabled me to set an inspiring set of goals that I could never of imagined I would actually achieve. However, 6 months after deciding to become a coach I was actually a certified coach and am well on the way to launching my very own coaching practice. Coaching has given me the ability to focus on and set myself challenging goals, whilst having the support to achieve them. Thank you so much for instilling the belief and focus in me.”
    – Jaz, Essex


    “Thank you so so much for all your help and support over the recent months I couldn’t have pulled through some stuff without you I’m forever grateful. Many thanks!”
    – Natalie, London


    “Life had a big u turn after we ended our sessions!! I’ve managed to get a new job, and absolutely love my new position. I’m now Training Centre Manager and received a great pay rise – working with positive happy people and feeling really refreshed!!! I’m still coaching and haven’t lost the dream of being a full time coach one day, just using my skills in other ways at the moment. Thanks again for the support you gave me during my studies.”
    – Melissa, New Zealand


    “There has been a lot of developments in my life since you started coaching me and I would like to thank you for all your support. It has been a thrill to watch (hear) an established coach at work, I am so glad that my wife had suggested contacting you. You have given me more focus on my goals and I will take this on my journey from here. Thank you for everything.”
    – Wolfgang, Scotland




    “As my coach and mentor Louise was brilliant. It was lovely to work with someone who was so professional and yet it almost felt like talking to a friend. I got the results I wanted which I believe was down to Louise’s enthusiasm and she always goes that extra mile to help you achieve your goals.”
    – Margaret, Birmingham


    “Working with Louise has enabled me to move from being a lost broken soul into a strong confident woman looking forward to her future . She has helped me work out who I really am and while this is still a work in progress healing from the inside out is strongly recommended . Louise helped me through this process and I cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.”
    – Susan, Berkshire


    “I just wanted to thank you for your work with me over the past year – it has certainly been life-changing! My biggest achievement of all must be that I now know what being true to myself really means and that I have had the courage to live life accordingly. I have learnt hugely from you and am forever grateful for it!”
    – Jana, Leicestershire


    “I have met Louise on a One Life Show, exactly a year ago. She was THE ONE who stood out from the crowd with her fresh-coloured booth. I was instantly drawn to her and after talking to her, I have immediately decided that she would be my coach! I have had 12 sessions with her and she really helped me to drive my “little” project of setting up my own company and becoming a coach myself. One year on, and I am a certified coach, I have my own coaching room and I have set up my company. Although my priorities have slightly changed for now, I feel that my mission is complete. Louise has really helped to break the steps down into manageable chunks, gave me encouragement when I was down, helped me in believing in myself, and during this process she really became my friend. I really enjoyed working with her and I hope that we can work together in the future again, either as a client or indeed as a colleague. Thank you Louise for everything, you really helped me to take a big leap in my life. Thank you for being there!.” 🙂
    – Timea, Maidenhead


    “Thank you for all your support during our sessions. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me and gave me so much confidence in my journey to rediscover myself again. Bringing my past and present together was a major shift and meant a lot to me to know that I am who I am – simple the best. You allowed me freedom to make my own decisions and now I am really ‘free’ to fly again. Thank you.”
    – Dottie, West Sussex


    “I have come a long way in my journey over the last three months, and our sessions have been a really good opportunity to review, and plan. They have also been timely reminders of why I am doing this, and they always left me feeling full of energy and motivation.”
    – Emma, Surrey


    “I feel as though you have set me up with lots of really useful tools to work with and I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with you. I love your optimism and encouragement and would like to thank you so much for your help. I’m still focusing on my goals and want to get a proper ‘time slot’ set aside every day for visualisation, affirmations and a bit of yoga to keep me positive, because I know I need it. I slip very easily into the negative but I have the tools to deal with that now – I have been able to recognise that that is a big part of my problem and why I don’t move on! So that is something very useful that has come out of this for me.”
    – Shirley, Southend On Sea


    Quote about Louise Presley-Hague by Natural Health Editor


    “When I met Louise I had just broken off my 7-year engagement, was unemployed and feeling very low. I started using the exercises Louise gave me and was determined to achieve the goals I had set. Now, 4 months later, I have sold my house, am working in a job I love and am moving to Oz in September! I have literally turned my life around and truly believe I could not have achieved nearly as much without Louise. Thank you again!”
    – Gemma, Plymouth


    “I now know my direction in life and am on a journey and make things happen. I feel more confident and believe if I hit a hurdle I will see this as a temporary setback and find a way to get past. I have been on a journey of discovery, on and off, for some time and believe that working with Louise had been the catalyst, giving me the extra tools I need to really progress. Louise has empowered me to take responsibility for my future. Thank you.”
    – Marion, Surrey


    “I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me back in April – I can’t believe it was that long ago. Although the weight is still a bit of a struggle I’ve managed to creep down from 16st 4lb to 12st 9lb. Things have got a bit easier at work with and life is generally more fun. I’m going to an amateur dramatic society next week for the first time and I’m also studying angel Reiki, so you certainly helped kick start some changes in my life. My whole life feels different – I feel like I’m living it again and you helped that change in me – so thank you.”
    – Amanda, Shropshire


    “Louise has helped me discover myself, to accept my current situation and to take responsibility for it. To understand how my own actions have led me here and also accept that my future actions will move me forward to where I want to be. I have discovered talents that I never knew I had. I have joined a sewing class, and watercolour painting. I make jewellery and have started to do photography. I cycle, have increased my spiritual awareness through meditation, increased my social life and friend’s circle, and had a bit of romance along the way too! I have learned to be happy, to have faith in myself and am becoming more and more confident day by day. Louise has given me positive encouragement and energy with complete trust and faith. She is a truly wonderful person. I now have more motivation and am becoming infinitely more productive (something I thought I just wasn’t capable of before). I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect and also, the most important thing… to enjoy the ride! Thank you Louise.”
    – Niyah, Leicestershire


    “I came across Louise at the One Life show in London last year. I was immediately drawn to her up beat persona, and I signed up there and then, for a session with her. Next thing I knew I had a whole course booked, and over a period of 7 or so months, my life started to slowly change. And change for the better. I had been struggling with a few deep seated issues, that I had never seemed to be able to shift, but with Louise’s expert help, I was finally able to put these issues to rest. I now find myself looking forward to 2009 a completely different person. I’m still making changes, but Louise has given me the tools to tackle anything that comes my way, and I will always be grateful to her for giving me the courage and the insight to face my fears and make the changes inwardly. I recommend anyone, who is thinking they need a change, or re-focus, to take the plunge and book a consultation. You’re only stopping yourself if you don’t.”
    – Alexa, Kent


    “I have found coaching a chance to stand back and re-evaluate my present life and activities. Louise was a breath of fresh air and proved to be an unbiased sounding board. Coaching gave me permission to look at alternative perspectives and also enabled me to discover old interests and talents which I plan to reintroduce into my present life. I found coaching worthwhile and will continue use the methods in the future. I would recommend Louise to the anyone.”
    – Chris, Telford


    “I have definitely challenged the negative ways in which I was thinking; now I have experienced life coaching with Louise. I am more aware of myself, have gained more focus and feel a fresh enthusiasm to propel me along life’s journey! Thank you Louise.”
    – Laura, Shropshire




    “I first met Louise by ‘chance’ at the One Life show that I went to on a whim. I now know meetings like that don’t happen by chance – people and things happen to you when you want and need them most – you just have to be open to it! I set off along the road with Louise not knowing really why, or where to, but just believing it was the right thing to do – and was it ever! Over the months I spent coaching with Louise I learnt so much, but more than that, I remembered so much that I had forgotten about myself and life – sometimes it felt like I had been hit my a sledge-hammer – in a good way!! It wasn’t always easy – but Louise had so many insights and brilliant ideas, just when I felt I had hit a wall she simply helped me over it. So many fantastic things have happened and changed since I started working with Louise and I can only say I definitely would not be where I am now without her. Louise, thank you for helping (occasionally shoving!) me along my road. Thank you that I can wake up every day without having to drag a ton of stress and worry out of bed with me. Thank you for this feeling of relief and belief that it will all be alright. And more than anything else, thank you for showing me happiness isn’t a stroke of luck that happens to a few, it is a gift that is there for all of us to grab and have, always.”
    – Karen, London


    “Louise you are a truly amazing person, the coaching I have received over the last few months has been fantastic and as you know I am about two weeks off opening my first Cafe Bar, which was one of my major goals in life!! I have no doubt in my mind that if I had not had such supportive coaching it would have taken me twice as long to reach this goal… You are one of the most positive people in my life and I look forward to making more of my Dreams come true with you!!!!”
    – Lisa Powell, Coventry


    “I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward the coaching sessions. They have certainly given me a different perspective on my life and what I can achieve.”
    – Helen Waterfall, Derbyshire


    “I really enjoyed the coaching process, it has helped me to get to know myself better and therefore steer my life in a new positive direction. Having Louise as a soundboard helped me to see things more clearly, put things into perspective and ultimately move forward creating a brand new exciting path.”
    – Rhonda, Manchester


    “Coaching has had a profound impact on my life and has enabled me to make some big life changes. Thank you for your wonderful support – I couldn’t of done it without you!”
    – Julie Poole, London


    “What I enjoyed most about the coaching experience was being able to understand more about myself and being able to accept me for who I am. I learnt that I deserve good and I can let good into my life rather than keeping everything at a distance. I also learnt lots about my beliefs, where they originated from and that it’s never too late to change a limiting belief for a better one. Most of all I developed a better understanding of what makes me tick. I enjoyed working with Louise as she always refocused the conversation to the goal we were working on, rather than letting us go too far off on a tangent. She was always so positive and truly believed that anything was achievable. As a result of being coached, I can now see when things are getting on top of me and instead of getting very negative; I now look towards the bigger picture. I also now understand the importance of setting goals in my life.”
    – Joanne, Bridgnorth



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