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  • STOP negative thoughts with this mini 1-minute meditation


    My 1-minute mini meditation…

    We live in a noisy old world. And when I say noise, I mean the noise inside our head. We have something crazy like 60 thousand thoughts a day, the majority of which can be very negative and unhelpful.

    And if we’re not aware, we can spend our whole day or even lives plagued by the internal negative voice of the inner critic.


Living your life tuned into your inner critic is truly a miserable way to live your life. It will hold you back. Constantly beating yourself up with negative thoughts each and every day depletes your energy and it erodes your self-esteem. 

    It literally steals your happiness.

    In order to live a happier and more peaceful life we must learn how to turn the volume down on our inner critic and turn the volume up on our inner guide. 

    In this video I’m going to help you do just that!

    Watch now and discover how to connect with your Inner Guide with my 1-minute mini meditation.



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    Watch the video…

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