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STOP negative thoughts with this mini 1-minute meditation

My 1-minute mini meditation… We live in a noisy old world. And when I say noise, I mean the noise inside our head. We have something crazy like 60 thousand thoughts a day, the majority of which can be very … Continue reading »

Simple 30 second daily prayer to improve your life in the next 7 days

My 30 second prayer to improve your life I’m sure you’re aware, prayer and meditation are a big part of my life and something I practice daily. In my last video I shared the very first meditation I did that … Continue reading »

Learn the meditation that changed my life

The meditation that changed my life Today I’m going to share with you something very special – the meditation that really started my journey of transformation. I’ve never shared this before in such a public way! Those of you who … Continue reading »

Have you found your V spot?

In today’s episode I’m going to help you find your V spot! We all come into this world with a unique set of core values these are things that make us happy, things that are the key drivers in our … Continue reading »

Are you letting people take advantage? Here’s what to do…

How to stop people taking advantage. We’ve all heard of the term boundaries and have an idea of what it means, but how many of us are aware of our own personal boundaries in life and most importantly, realise how … Continue reading »

Tap in more joy in 10 seconds flat!

Today I’m going to share an awesome technique with you that I learned from the wonderful Donna Eden called Tapping in the Joy. It’s dead simple to do and takes no more than 10 seconds.

 Over countless generations our minds … Continue reading »

Three steps to overcoming any fear!

What is it you’re afraid of? Is it making decisions, getting it wrong, finding a new job, losing your relationship, starting your business, learning to drive, getting old, spiders, public speaking, swimming or being a bad parent? Everybody has fears. … Continue reading »

You won’t find your purpose in your shoes!

Happy January folks! Feeling good to be back, yes, no? The clock has already started ticking on 2014 (I’ve got a feeling this year is going to speed by in a flash). It’s up to us to take control and … Continue reading »

How to stop negative thoughts immediately!

I recently enjoyed a lovely family holiday to Fuerteventura. A week to relax in the sun, enjoy time together after a very busy year. Despite the sun, sea and sangria my mind was busy racing with all sorts of random … Continue reading »

Are you suffering with this too?

Always racing from one task to the next, but accomplish very little? Sound familiar?     Most days I’m incessantly striving for a clean loo, disinfected worktops, a clear inbox, a flatter tummy, school gate acceptance and career success. Sometimes I just … Continue reading »