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Three things you MUST do each day to ensure success!

Three things a day you must do… As a personal growth expert I help people all over the world to transform their life, to help them grow and expand and create the life they want for themselves. I love my … Continue reading »

Spring clean your life, body and mind in 3 simple steps

Spring clean your life, body and mind… Today I am going to share three really simple steps that have the potential to really improve your life this month. We all have things surrounding us day-in-and-day-out that continue to drain our … Continue reading »

Simple 30 second daily prayer to improve your life in the next 7 days

My 30 second prayer to improve your life I’m sure you’re aware, prayer and meditation are a big part of my life and something I practice daily. In my last video I shared the very first meditation I did that … Continue reading »

Learn the meditation that changed my life

The meditation that changed my life Today I’m going to share with you something very special – the meditation that really started my journey of transformation. I’ve never shared this before in such a public way! Those of you who … Continue reading »

Have you found your V spot?

In today’s episode I’m going to help you find your V spot! We all come into this world with a unique set of core values these are things that make us happy, things that are the key drivers in our … Continue reading »

Are you letting people take advantage? Here’s what to do…

How to stop people taking advantage. We’ve all heard of the term boundaries and have an idea of what it means, but how many of us are aware of our own personal boundaries in life and most importantly, realise how … Continue reading »

Tap in more joy in 10 seconds flat!

Today I’m going to share an awesome technique with you that I learned from the wonderful Donna Eden called Tapping in the Joy. It’s dead simple to do and takes no more than 10 seconds.

 Over countless generations our minds … Continue reading »

Make the impossible possible – 7 steps to creating miracles

Sometime life requires us to make big changes, and very often these changes can feel so insurmountable, so colossal that we get paralyzed by fear and nothing moves forwards. As a result we wind up feeling frustrated and trapped. There … Continue reading »

Find Your Purpose in 2013!

So many of us are looking for the big illusive life purpose. “My life will be OK if only I could figure out what I want to do.” We live our life on hold waiting for an epiphany to hit … Continue reading »

The Year That Rocked My World…

This week is my first week back at work since Christmas. The kids have returned to school and 2013 has officially begun in the Turner household. I’ve had almost three long weeks off and I have to say going back … Continue reading »