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STOP negative thoughts with this mini 1-minute meditation

My 1-minute mini meditation… We live in a noisy old world. And when I say noise, I mean the noise inside our head. We have something crazy like 60 thousand thoughts a day, the majority of which can be very … Continue reading »

Learn the no 1 way to increase your self-esteem & confidence in 2015!

How daring are you? Hey there folks, As humans we are on this planet to play, explore and to take risks from time-to-time. My company is called ‘The Game of Life’ for exactly this reason! Experiencing new things, seeing new … Continue reading »

Are you suffering with this too?

Always racing from one task to the next, but accomplish very little? Sound familiar?     Most days I’m incessantly striving for a clean loo, disinfected worktops, a clear inbox, a flatter tummy, school gate acceptance and career success. Sometimes I just … Continue reading »

Are you suffering with compare and despair?

Sometimes we get swept up in comparisons (aka compare and despair). We look in from the outside at others lives and we think…. she’s thinner than me, she has longer hair than me, she has more sex than me or … Continue reading »

A week in the life of your coach

Taking care of me… As some of you may know, I started practicing yoga last September. Something I’d been meaning to do for years, but never had, you know how it is! Well, I finally pulled my finger out and … Continue reading »

Do you self- sabotage?

Do you ever find yourself getting in the way of your own success? Does it ever seem like you’re working against yourself? Do you ever ask “Why did I do that?”? Everyone has his or her own way in which … Continue reading »