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  • What to do when the sh*t hits the fan!


    What to do when the sh*t hits the fan…

    Have you ever experienced a real setback in your life?

    Just when you thought all was fine and dandy the universe gave you an almighty slap around the face. You got let down, the deal slipped through your fingers, you didn’t get the house you wanted, you lost your money or you had your heart broken…

    Yes? Of course you have, we all have!

    Whether we like it or not, adversity is part of life.

    Problems, big or small, present themselves to us throughout our whole life. It’s part of our human experience. Regardless of how spiritual, clever, rich or happy-go-lucky we are, we will encounter struggle, challenges, difficulties and at times, heart wrenching moments.

    But I truly believe that these setbacks can turn out to be huge blessings.

    Some of my biggest setbacks have turned out to be major positive turning points in my life. I couldn’t see it at the time, but looking back in hindsight, it was clear that higher forces were at play.

    I want to present you with a new way of dealing with change when the sh*t hits the fan!

    Next time you find yourself in a situation where the universe has thrown you a curve ball you weren’t expecting I want you to ask the following three life-changing questions.

    Till next time,

    You Coach



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