Hey folks!

Did you know that our standard of living nowadays is far greater than any other time in the history of mankind?

I know sometimes it may not feel like it, but as a society we are better paid, fed and healthier than any other time.

Yet studies tell us that we’re actually the unhappiest we’ve ever been. Why is this? The answer lies in our
conditioning. Over countless generations our minds have been programmed to look for the negative or strive for
things we haven’t got.

We have literally been conditioned to look for things that are wrong with our lives, from not having enough money
(probably the biggest thing) to worrying about the way we look.

We are too quick to filter out all the wonderful things we already have and focus on what’s missing, or what’s not working. But in doing so we wind up chasing our tails, always looking for the next thing that we think will bring us happiness and complete us. But the reality is, we never
actually get there!

Today I want to share with you a simply daily practise that can profoundly change your life. If you want to become happier, watch this week’s week video to find out how!

Blessings to you.