Tired of trying to fit in? Try this instead…

Welcome back to another VLOG.

Are you someone who follows the crowd in order to fit in?
Do you find yourself people pleasing and never pleasing yourself?
Would you like to know how to show up more fully in the world and live your purpose?

If so, then this week’s video is for you.

Too many of us are dancing to someone else’s tune then wondering why it is we’re not happy and fulfilled.

Living a truly happy life is about bringing more of yourself to the planet – doing more things that light you up. This is the secret to real happiness.

When you light up, you light up the world around you. It’s your purpose to shine bright.

It’s time to stop dimming your light and show up more fully in the world.

REMEMBER THIS: Nobody does YOU better.

ASK yourself…

1. Where are you dimming your light in order to fit in?

2. How can you bring more of yourself to the planet this week?

Watch this week’s video for more guidance.

With love and blessings

Lou x


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