Welcome back to another VLOG.

Question: Are you a light-worker?

I believe we are all here to make our mark on the planet and follow our joy – this is our primary purpose in life.

Some of us are what we call ‘light-workers’ – a light-worker is simply someone who feels called to be of service to others in some way.

This could be a teacher, healer, nurse, writer, lollipop lady/man at the school gates or the checkout lady at the supermarket. Light-workers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have very pubic roles to play in the world and some very private roles. But they all have the common purpose of wanting to help humanity to evolve.

You know when you’ve been in the presence of a light-worker because you feel uplifted and lighter.

In this week’s video I share 4 signs of a typical light-worker. See if you recognise the signs in yourself or maybe a loved one.

With love and blessings

Lou x