Welcome back to another VLOG.

Hope this week’s video finds you smiling wherever you are in the world.

Today I’d like to share a very special prayer with you for those times in your life when you hit a roadblock or a big challenge of some kind and you can’t see the way forward.

The fact is, we all experience change, uncertainty and adversity from time-to-time in life. Like it or not, life is about contrast and duality – we experience joy as much as we experience pain.

No one is exempt from the contrast of life no matter how enlightened, evolved and spiritual you are. It’s what we all signed up for.

We are all here to play The Game of Life.

Like you, I too get my fair share of ups and downs and today I’d like to share my favourite go-to tool when life gets rocky.

It’s how we deal with adversity that makes all the difference!

I hope this special prayer brings you some comfort in the same way it does for me.



Louise x