Hey there Folks,

I’m popping by to wish you a beautiful and blessed Christmas.

I am very fortunate to live a life I love, but I’m also very mindful that others are not so fortunate, and recognise that Christmas can be a very difficult time as we remember those who are no longer with us.

Remember this Christmas to be gentle with yourself, to take some time out to replenish, recalibrate and just be. And, I’d also encourage you to take some time to review your year, considering what you’ve discovered and learnt about yourself, both good and bad. It will help you grow and evolve.

Each year I carry out my very own releasing ceremony, normally on New Year’s Eve. It’s an opportunity to consciously release all the things that no longer serve me so I can enter the New Year afresh. It’s a really powerful thing to do.

Fancy joining me?

Take a look my final video of 2018 below for more details.

BIG LOVE to you this Christmas time.

Look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Louise x