Hey folks!

For the last ten years I’ve done so much of my learning and self-development work whilst ferrying the kids to and from school or commuting to meetings. I spend upwards of 2.5 hours a day driving around and this is what I call ‘Transient time’.

Driving, commuting on public transport, walking to work, even cleaning your house, this is often time where we might listen to the radio, ear-wig on others’ conversations, check your social media (obviously not whilst driving), catch up on work emails, or worst still, get lost in your own metal chitter chatter!

On average, we have 14 hours a week of transient time at our disposal! Don’t waste this precious time, instead use this time to GROW and learn something new, whether that’s a lecture/seminar, reading a book, taking a course of study or learning a new language.

As human beings, we are only really truly happy when we’re are expanding and growing. Don’t stagnate, GROW and feel the joy is your EXPANSION.

Find out how in this week’s video…

With love,

Louise x