Hey folks!

I have a powerful message for you today.

Are you struggling to manifest the things you want into your life?

Are you great at ideas but rubbish at the execution part?

I have worked with thousands of people over the years. And whilst working with me some have achieved AMAZING things whilst others not so much.

Why is this?

The fact is you have to turn IDEAS into inspired ACTION. And fast. You have to act on your impulses.

This is the secret to success.

One of my favourite quotes is this:

“Those that are successful take action before they are ready!”

Ideas are great. The divine is always giving us fresh ideas to run with… always new inspiration coming. But people don’t execute them.

So is it time that you…

Write your book. Phone that friend. Start the diet. Sign up for that course. Buy the dress. Book the holiday. Go on the date. Say yes to the proposal. Apply for the job. Start your business. Have a baby. Attend the class. Say YES to life.

TAKE ACTION BEFORE YOU’RE READY. It will lead to great things.

Check out this week’s video for more.

Blessings to you.

Louise x