Duvet Day Anyone?

Now humans, as any zoologist will tell you, don’t hibernate. While this may be true, this doesn’t mean that a little hibernation isn’t needed from time-to-time.

We all know that “duvet day” feeling, when you just can’t seem to gather the impetus to get going and would rather switch off the alarm, turn over and go back to sleep.

The truth is, some days we just need to hibernate.

We spend an awful lot of time trying to please other people and putting family, work and friends ahead of our own needs. Duvet days allow us to simple take time out and focus on filling our tank and getting ourselves ready to go again.

Last summer I found myself very unwell, to the point where I couldn’t function properly anymore. Those around me lovingly decided that the best cause of action to aid my recovery was to keep me busy. Well-meaning as they were, being dragged around busy shops, sitting in noisy cafes or having visitors around my home was not what I needed. All these things I’d normally enjoy just stressed out my nervousness system further. They were impeding the healing process.

It took me a while to figure out what I really needed. I had to stop and ask myself what do I need in order to heal and feel better again? And it turns out that was hibernation. I needed to take off my make-up, put on my PJ’s and go back to bed with a pot of Earl Gray and watch back-to-back episodes of Friends.

So this is actually what I did.

I’d been conditioned to go, go, go… work, work, work… Never had I ever given myself permission to just STOP and rest. But rest is exactly what I needed and it was only when I stopped and took time to hibernate that my healing really began.

For two whole weeks, I’d get up and basically go back to bed. No make-up, no school runs, no clients, no social media, no cooking, no chores, no visitors, no talking to anyone, basically, no taking care of anyone but myself. And I must add, I am very grateful to my mom, sister, kids and hubby for stepping in and helping keep things afloat.

During this downtime, I could literally feel my body and mind calm and rebalance and come back to life again. It was like my body took the biggest sigh of relief.

It was like watching the sea calm after the most turbulent of storms.

Now this was only the beginning of my healing journey and it still continues, but I am much more aware now when I need to say NO to the world and retreat albeit for a day or two.

What I know for sure, my experience this year will make me stronger, more resilient and without doubt, a better coach.

Now not everyone will need to hibernate like I did, but a day in bed is often enough to replenish our tank and get us back on track.

It’s important we listen to the signs and signals and give ourselves permission to stop and rest, because if we don’t we run the risk of burning out and become poorly.

Here are some signs you may need a duvet day…

. Life feels overwhelming

. Day-to-day life seems like a burden

. Your immune system is compromised

. You Can’t think clearly anymore

. You’ve lost your zest for life

. Those around you are grating on your nerves

. You’ve become pessimistic and grumpy

. You’re still tired after you’ve sleep all night

 So, stop and ask yourself…. “Do I need a duvet day?”

 “Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting. Never do anything else.”

So, whilst my healing journey continues I’m taking things a little slower and only doing things that light me up, like 121 coaching, sharing Tropic and planning some retreats for 2020.

If you’re feeling a little frazzled and in need of some help, book your discovery session with me. It’s just you and me, uninterrupted, super-focused and set to make big things happen for you!

Sound good?


Speak soon

Louise x