Wondering why the hell I’m doing Tropic?…

I’ve had a few people over the last few months ask why as a successful coach I’m doing Tropic. And whilst of course I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, I’d like to share the reason why Tropic has become a big part of my working week.

I’ve been coaching, writing, presenting and gigging now for almost 13 years. It was in my late twenties that my passion for self-development ignited. It was only last week as I was going through my memory box that I found a bundle of photos from around this time and I was delighted to see the sheer exuberance in my face as I embarked on what was to be the most amazing adventure of my life.  I knew I was on the right path from day one.

I have worked with some truly amazing clients, written and published two books, been featured in pretty much all the UK’s national women’s magazineswon awards, travelled to many exciting places, spoken on stage with some of the world’s leading gurus and helped thousands of people to improve their lives in the process.

But above all my business successes over the years, my greatest achievement, without a doubt, is that I’ve been able to be at home to watch my babies grow. They are 14 and 10 now (not so much babies anymore) and I have been there for every milestone: every school run, award presentation and football match.

Running a business from home isn’t always easy, but it has certainly brought the freedom and flexibility that only being your own boss can provide. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Tropic came into my life abut 7 years ago whilst I was writing my second book and I instantly fell in love with the products. It was basically the ‘green’ ethos of the brand that I fell in love with – cruelty free, vegan, toxic free skincare was right up my street.

For years, I used many of the Tropic range in my day-to-day skincare routine. Until April this year when I decided to take it a step further. After working on my own for 13 years I recognised I needed more connection in my life – more human connect that it. And moreover, I needed more fun. Whilst helping people improve their lives is my life’s work, it can be heavy work at times and I realised I need something lighter to add to my working mix.

So now, alongside my coaching work I get to play with skincare and help women feel amazing on both the inside and the out. And what a joy it is.

Tropic has brought so much pleasure into my life over the last 6 months.

I’ve met loads of new like-minded people; I’ve attended some of the most wonderful events and I’ve started to build my own little team and helped 12 men and women start their own Tropic business.

And for as long as I’m enjoying my Tropic journey I will continue to do it : )

If you’re curious about Tropic, either using the products or even starting your own Tropic beauty business, then check out the links below.


• Tropic Skincare is the fastest growing skincare company in the UK right now

• Tropic is 100% cruelty free and vegan

• All Tropic products are natural and toxic free

• Tropic has won over 150 national awards to date

• Tropic is a certified Carbon Neutral company

• All the products are made here in the UK

• Tropic supports projects in both Indonesia and the Amazon to help protect rainforests from unsustainable palm oil conversion

• Tropic use refillable packaging options and are committed to offering refillable packaging across their core skincare range by the end of 2020

• For every £50 you spend of Tropic products you will send a child to school for one day!

Try the Tropic range HERE > 

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• Flexible hours that fit around your lifestyle

• Unlimited earning potential whether you’d like an extra £100 per month or an extra £10000 per month

• You get me as your business mentor for life, woohoo!!!!

• No targets to meet, no pressure

• Meet like-minded new friends

• Ongoing business training and support from day one

• As an Ambassador, you get your own Tropic website

• There is an excellent support network across the country

• There are loads of incentive rewards including luxury trips

• A 25% basic commission on all orders

• Amazing bi-annual events, where we celebrate your achievements

• The chance to support charities across the world by sharing the products you love

Find out more about joining my Tropic team HERE > 

***I am running a free info call on the 2nd January at 7pm for those that want to find out more about joining my team… please email me and I will send you to joining details… louise@thegameoflife.co.uk***