Slow Living

I’m feeling very reflective today.

The world has literally been forced to stop.

No schools. No cafés. No shops. No churches. No parks. No planes in the sky. No cars on the road. No kids playing together outside. No gatherings whatsoever.

It feels like a Sunday afternoon circa 1985 when I was a child and everything was closed. The roads fell silent, the shops shut and all you could hear was the soft hum of the neighbours lawnmower, the distant screams of children playing in the local park and if you were very lucky, the chimes of the local ice-cream van making its way ever-closer to the corner of your road.

Happy times.

Today as I sit typing, tucked away in my little cosy office, the road outside has fallen silent, the local pubs and shops are all closed and there is a tranquil sense of calm that fills the air. Just like those old Sunday afternoons of yesteryear.

Whilst we find ourselves living in these strangest of times, I’ve noticed something very beautiful emerging and I’m sure you have too.

As we slow down, we are starting to remember and reconnect with the things that are truly important to us.

I can hear squeals of delight from brothers and sisters playing together in their back gardens. I notice people walking their dogs and taking the time to wave and say ‘hello’ from across the street. I can smell the home cooked meals wafting from open windows and people really taking pleasure from spending time in nature.

Everyone is slowing down.

We are realizing that it’s not the endless buying of clothes, cars and digital paraphernalia that really brings us joy, it’s the simple things like stopping to listen to the birds chirping, having time to prepare a home cooked meal or connecting with family around the world via Skype. These are the truly important things in life!

Everyone is reconnecting with one another, but most importantly, they are reconnecting with themselves.

We are remembering what really feeds are soul. What really matters!

It’s interesting how all the things we were stressing about only a few short weeks ago feel utterly trivial and ridiculous now. Who gives a shit if your new car does 0-60 in under 6 seconds or whether you’ve had 600 likes on your recent Insta post.

Life has been pulled back into perspective. And it exactly what we all needed.

The vale has been lifted and we’re looking at the world in a brand new light.

We are discovering a slower way of living and I don’t think life can really go back to how it was. Change is coming whether we welcome it or not.

Let me ask you three important questions today:

  1. What are you ready to let go of in your life?
  2. What is your soul really yearning for right now?
  3. What do you want your future to look like?

The way forward isn’t going to be easy, challenging times lay ahead, however, this gift of slower living is giving us the opportunity to get clear on our priorities, connect with our spirit again and create a new vision for our future.

Take this valuable time to envision what you want to see in your new future.

With love,

Lou x

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