Turning 40 in lockdown!

My 40th didn’t exactly turn out how’d I’d planned, thanks to Covid-19.

No party, no family meal, no birthday cake (remember the flour storage), no meet-up with friends, no sky-dive (yes really) and no trip to my beautiful Italy. So I’ve decided maybe I’ll stay 39 just one more year and turn 40 next year when I can properly celebrate. That’s my plan. But on a serious note, I’m just thankful to be 40 (a privilege some don’t get) – to be happy and healthy with my family by my side.

40 years is a bloody long time and like most people, there has been immense joy and incredible pain in my 40 years on planet earth.

Highs and lows.
Successes and failures.
Laughter and tears.
Ups and downs.
Abundance and lack.

So much has changed in my life, including me!

I am not the same girl/women I was. I’ve grown, I’ve evolved and I’ve learnt more about myself and the world at large and you could say, I’m definitely older and wiser.

For me, my twenties were about marriage and babies and building a home. A beautiful time in my life. My thirties were very much about career, finding my purpose and making my mark on the planet. A very exciting but exhausting period of my life. As I enter my forties I’m reflecting on what I’ve learn so far and what’s fundamentally important to me going forward into this new energy decade.


There are three significant things I’ve learnt that I’d like to share with you today. 

LESSON 1: What once served you isn’t going to always serve you. Things change. You change. What drives you changes. Just because you have always done something, doesn’t mean you have to continue to do it if it no longer serves you. You are allowed to change your mind. The secret is knowing when to let go of people, situations and circumstances so that you can allow the ‘new’ to come into your life. Just remember, sometimes we have to force an ending for a new beginning to start.

LESSON 2: Future tripping is dangerous because you invariably miss the present moment, which is the only moment there ever really is. Worrying about what might happen tomorrow, next month or next year is simply futile – it steals your happiness and makes you anxious and stressed. Of course, it’s good to know your big ‘why’ and to have a rough plan of where you’re going, but please stop obsessing over the future, it will just make you miserable. Learn some basic mindfulness tools to help you become more present and in the moment and notice the effect it has on your life overall. You will be more at peace, happier and certainly more intuitive.

LESSON 3: Learn to say NO. Stop doing things that don’t bring you joy. Okay, so you have to earn a living, you have to clean the house or walk the dogs, we all have commitments and obligations, but this doesn’t mean we have to sell our soul. It’s okay to say NO when you don’t want to do something. You don’t have to go to the party, take the promotion or put up with being treated badly. You can say NO and the world will still continue to turn. Don’t become resentful by doing things you don’t want to do. Be true to yourself and not only will you be happier, those around you will (eventually) respect you more.

The most important transformation for me is that I’m truer to myself now than ever before.
I’ve stopping chasing.
I’ve stopped comparing,
I’ve spotted obsessing,
I’ve stopped please pleasing,
I’ve stopped trying to control every god dammed thing in my life and as I result I am more at peace with myself than ever before.

I’ve made a BIG FAT commitment to myself to live full out in my forties, to say yes to life, to have more sex, to laughter more, to be more spontaneous, to write more, to eat more cake and drink more wine, to unleash my adventurous side again and most importantly, to love more.

So, let me ask you…

Who do you want to become before your next big birthday milestone?

Truth is, the next decade is going to pass, like it or not. And I want to help you make your next ten years even better than your last.


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Enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine.

With love, always and I’ll see you soon  : )

Louise x

Bio: Louise is a corporate wellbeing expert, professional coach, speaker and internationally published author. For more inspiration and guidance visit www.thegameoflife.co.uk