In this week’s video I share the truth about why pastoral care is absolutely essential right now for all forward thinking organisations.

I’ve heard some real horror stories about how companies have treated their staff throughout this pandemic and equally I’ve heard some really uplifting stories about the support offered by others.

The fact is, people don’t forget how they’ve been treated in times of adversity, whether that’s by a friend, a loved one or the organisation they work for!

So, how is your organisation supporting its people and what are the implications longterm?

Watch this week’s video for more…

Blessings to you.

With love

Louise x

BIO: Louise is a CIPD qualified, award-winning trainer, coach and internationally published author specialising in corporate wellbeing and people development. Featured on the BBC and in magazines and newspapers such as Psychologies, Women and Home and The Daily Express. She works with individuals and businesses to improve performance, happiness and wellbeing, through coaching initiatives, e-learning training programmes, seminars, workshops and wellbeing campaigns.

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