Let me ask you: are you using your mind as an office?

Does it feel crammed full, a bit like when you have too many tabs open on your computer at once?

While as humans we can multitask, it’s actually really really difficult to multi-focus – you just end up splitting your energy all over the place and nothing really gets your full attention. You wind up with with lots of unfinished jobs everywhere which is super stressful.

So, in today’s video let me share a few really simple ways of closing a few tabs down and clearing your mind…

Blessings to you.

With love

Louise x

BIO: Louise is a CIPD qualified, award-winning trainer, coach and internationally published author specialising in corporate wellbeing and people development. Featured on the BBC and in magazines and newspapers such as Psychologies, Women and Home and The Daily Express. She works with individuals and businesses to improve performance, happiness and wellbeing, through coaching initiatives, e-learning training programmes, seminars, workshops and wellbeing campaigns.

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