Hey folks!

Welcome back to another update.

Today I’m talking about anxiety – something so many of us are really struggling with now especially with Covid19.

Whether it’s anxiety around work, the economy, our health or money worries, there are no end of daily stresses that can trigger our anxiety and send us spiralling out of control.

I personally have always been an anxious person and it’s something I really have to manage day-to-day.

But remember, anxiety is a manifestation of our negative mind chatter. When we change our thoughts we change our emotional state. Now this isn’t always easy, I know, but it’s important to have our tool box of tricks to hand to help us when life gets tough.

Check out this week’s video for three simple little hacks that will help reduce your anxiety today. I warn you, it involves taking off your shoes and socks ; )

Hope they help!

Blessings to you.

With love

Louise x

BIO: Louise is a CIPD qualified, award-winning trainer, coach and internationally published author specialising in corporate wellbeing and people development. Featured on the BBC and in magazines and newspapers such as Psychologies, Women and Home and The Daily Express. She works with individuals and businesses to improve performance, happiness and wellbeing, through coaching initiatives, e-learning training programmes, seminars, workshops and wellbeing campaigns.

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