Hey folks!

With lockdown about to start in England today it’s vitally important we all create a daily practice to help lift our spirits, whether that’s getting outside, meditation or journaling – it’s never been more important for our mental health!

If you need a little boost and something to help you keep you spirits high, then why not order my brand new ’30-Day Happiness & Gratitude Journal‘ – it’s the prefect gift to help you through the next month.

From the moment you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow there are opportunities for joy and appreciation in the most unexpected places, even in the mist of this horrible virus! Good things are happening all around us, we just need stop and notice them. This pocket journal will help you pause, reflect and record these little moments of happiness and create a solid habit of gratitude allowing you to fully relish the simple pleasures in life. Our brains are wonderfully adaptable and once you adopt this new habit of gratitude you’ll start to notice more and more things to appreciate in your life.


Your Happiness and Gratitude Journal includes:

• Wheel of Happiness – take a snapshot of your happiness levels before you start your 30-day journey

• 100 things to be grateful for list for inspiration and motivation

• Inspiration quotes throughout journal to keep you on track

• 1-30 day gratitude journal for you to fill in daily

• Wheel of Happiness – review your happiness levels at the end of your 30 day journey

• Reflection questions

• Notes page

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW www.lovefromlou.com

Louise x

BIO: Louise is a CIPD qualified, award-winning trainer, coach and internationally published author specialising in corporate wellbeing and people development. Featured on the BBC and in magazines and newspapers such as Psychologies, Women and Home and The Daily Express. She works with individuals and businesses to improve performance, happiness and wellbeing, through coaching initiatives, e-learning training programmes, seminars, workshops and wellbeing campaigns.

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