“Absolutely loved her latest book!”

“I have been a fan of Louise's work for many years, and absolutely loved her latest book - Mindset Mastery! I am a big believer that changes come when you work on yourself, from within. Louise writes in a clear and warm way, offering great practical advice for how, step by step you can manifest what you want in your life. I am already seeing the the benefits and big, positive changes happening in my life, thanks to this book! Thanks Louise!”

5/5 Amazon Review

"Really pleased I bought this book."

"I really love this book. I have read lots of self help books but this one has been the most useful. I have often wanted to start a daily practice and meditation but was never quite sure what to do. I know now because of this book. I now do both and have seen my belief and positivity increase a lot. I have done all the exercises in the book each one giving me insight into me and how my mind works. But most importantly how to improve my mindset so I can make big changes in my life. I highly recommend this book and so pleased I bought it."

5/5 Amazon Review

"Until I read this book I was amazed how little I knew about myself."

"Louise's guidance is special in that it breaks moulds. Until I read this book I was amazed how little I knew about myself, even though I am probably four decades older than her. It is so easy to fit into a shape that is defined for you by society's neat class structures, age expectations and so many of today's social categories. I don't fit into any of these which made me wonder what was my purpose. Mid way in her book I read: 'Understand who you are and your purpose will become illuminated.' That is where my change began. I had honestly forgotten who I was. It hasn't been comfortable and quite lonely working on this, but now I can see myself so much clearer. I am attracting new aspects of my creative life and have not been happier for sometime. For those like me, take your time, as pencil in hand you work through this book, committing to find the new you. Thank you Louise."

5/5 Amazon Review

"I'm living my dream because of this book!"

"This book will give you all the tools that you need to help you change whatever it is in your life that you are unhappy with. Prior to the release of Louise's book, I contacted her on a number of issues that I needed to change, and I am now living my dream.

I was in a crummy job and couldn't see a way out. I contacted Louise and we worked together to find that way out. I now run my own business, working from home, for myself... this is my dream.

It took a while to figure out what I wanted to do but once I knew all the tools that Louise had taught me came into play. Everything that Louise talks about really can make a difference, I am living proof of that. I will never be without this book as it is a little piece of Louise right here with me, and when I need a pick me up or a new direction I just refer back to the book and I'm on my way again. This is the best book you'll ever buy to change your life, it works, its not hard and most of all the author, Louise, went through the processes laid out in the book herself.

What are you waiting for?"

5/5 Amazon Review

"It's a 'must' read!!! A book you won't be able to put down..."

"...and really will allow you to achieve your dreams & discover your true self. It will help you take stock of your life, get you really thinking about what you really want and importantly what really makes you happy. You will have a new way of thinking and the believe to make it happen!

It's inspiring, motivational, creative and full of useful, practical tools to help you on your journey - feels like Louise is right there by your side coaching you!

I highly recommend this book."

5/5 Amazon Review

"A highly recommended read!!"

"I don't usually end up writing reviews but felt compelled to, after reading this amazing book. There are so many self help books on the market and over the years I've read many of them. However this one is different. From the minute you open the book Louise manages to create a friendly and inspiring rapport with the reader. Her words truly motivate and her steps to fulfilling your dreams are manageable and above all realistic!! Well worth buying!"

5/5 Amazon Review

"Gives you a kick.... but in a GOOD way!!"

"I swear this book has been written just for me! I cannot believe what an impact it has had on my life in just one week.... and I've only read Chapter 1! Already, I seem to have a more positive outlook and feel more organised. I've also had the pleasure of meeting Louise in person and know that she genuinely gets her pleasure out of helping others. I can't wait to carry on with this and find my future that fits. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

5/5 Amazon Review

Finding a Future That Fits

No one has ever said living the life of your dreams is easy. It takes drive and determination, persistence and patience, faith and trust in the wonderful power within but most importantly, it takes ACTION!

So read this book if…

You know there’s something more for you.
You know you want to make big changes.
You know you want a better way to live.
And you want to find out how to get it!

Finding a Future that Fits makes sure that you live YOUR authentic life. It’s full of insights and practical exercises which provide a step-by-step guide to achieving the life you really want.

Are you ready to find a future that fits? If so, your journey begins here…

Mindset Mastery

Manifest your dream life in just 40-days!

Leading Personal Growth Expert, Motivational Speaker and best-selling Author Louise Presley-Turner believes that changing your life starts from within. Transformation occurs when you bring the practical and spiritual together, as this is the field where miracles happen. So close the door, grab yourself a cuppa and join Louise for this transformational 40-day miracle masterplan to relaunch your life on your terms. Discover how to…

  • Uncover your personal blueprint.

  • Get clear on your life s calling.

  • Release blocks and rewire your thinking for real success.

  • Tune into your inner power to co-create the future you want.

  • Stand in your own authentic power.

Keep Calm And Use An Affirmation

Featuring a collection of original and timeless affirmations from Louise L. Hay and a range of leading Hay House authors including me! All affirmations contained within these pages will help you to keep calm and use an affirmation to…

  • Love your work.

  • Harmonise your home.

  • Experience more love.

  • Flow gracefully with change.

  • Boost self-esteem.

  • Manifest financial prosperity.

  • Heal your body.

  • Forgive yourself and others.

  • Connect to spirit.