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Louise Presley-Turner

Master the inner game of manifestation & abundance with top UK Coach, Hay House Author and award-winning Speaker Louise Presley-Turner.

  • To find adventure and to be totally engaged in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, wishing and waiting for your life to change.
  • To manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams instead of creating the same reality over and over again.
  • To be totally authentic, to know who you are, and what you want instead of feeling controlled, lost and disillusioned.
  • To feel connected, joyous and abundant instead of following someone else’s rules!
  • To wake up in the morning and be in love with your life instead of feeling dread.
  • To become the happiest person you know?

Finally, here’s a step-by-step course that will teach you how to remove the blocks which get in the way of you living your dream life. If you’re looking for love, a new career, increased wealth or a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life then this course will give you the secrets to attracting real abundance and becoming a miracle manifestor.

When I was a little girl I was infatuated with the 80’s cartoon character She-Ra. You may remember her. As the ‘Princess of Power’ her primary aim was to defeat darkness and bring light into the world. My 5 year-old self thought she was pretty damn awesome. I wanted to look like her, act like her, be like her and one day to have superpowers just like her! – WOW! (I especially wanted to ride on her unicorn horse Swift Wind).

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I finally discovered mine (my superpower that is, not my unicorn!). Yes, after a decade spent trapped in the corporate rate race I discovered my very first book on spiritually and manifesting and my own life changed overnight. I had tapped into my power for the first time in my life. A fire had been ignited, a passion so fierce there was no stopping what was about to unfold – I had unleashed my personal superpower and big changes were afoot!

“I knew without doubt that my life’s calling was (and still is), to help others to unleash their own inner superpower.”

In the last ten years I’ve spent as a spiritual teacher, I have worked with some truly amazing clients from around the world, written and published two books, been featured in pretty much all the UK’s national magazines. I have travelled to many exciting places, spoken on stage with some of the world’s leading gurus  such as Louise Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer, and helped thousands of people to improve their lives in the process.

I am an expert in helping women find their true calling, tap into their power and become the happiest person they know!

In short, I am your She-Ra, ready to help you connect with your own power and magic!

“Over the next 12 weeks I am going to offer you a brand new roadmap for success and happiness. This is my signature course, and the methodologies within are the exact ones I have used to help change the lives of my wonderful clients which I’ve worked with over the last 10 years.”


It’s time to release what no longer serves you so you can make room for new miracles. Together we will take stock of all the good and all the bad in your life right now. We will clear the clutter from your life, release the energy drains and set some clear intentions for the coming months. It’s time for real transformation to begin!

LESSON 1 – Discover what needs to be released from your life – the big reveal!
LESSON 2 – Ten life-changing questions.
LESSON 3 – Release your energy drains.
LESSON 4 – The truth about life – the joy of contrast!
LESSON 5 – Discover my most powerful manifesting ritual.
LESSON 6 – Meditation and prayer for releasing.


I am going to help you understand the power of your emotional guidance system and how vital it is to your success in life. I am going to show you how to tap into your soul GPS, how to raise your vibrations and how to fill up your tank both emotionally and physically. Together we will take a deep spiritual dive into the art of manifesting and the law of attraction. It’s time for you to plug in and activate your manifesting superpower!

LESSON 1 – Understand your superpower and the Law of attraction.
LESSON 2 – Understand your emotional guidance system and the important role it plays in your life.
LESSON 3 – Increase your intuition and switch on your soul GPS.
LESSON 4 – Fill up your tank, raise your vibes and find alignment.
LESSON 5 – How to let go and let God!


Ready to receive some miracles? Here they come! Discover the power of the daily practice. This is where your life is about to really transform.

Understand how important your morning space is, and how to press the reset button each day so that you are not carrying unnecessary baggage around. Adopt an attitude of gratitude and create a new happiness set-point for your life. Discover the bliss and power of daily meditation and mindfulness and see how quickly the results manifest back into your life.

LESSON 1 – Create your energy vortex at home.
LESSON 2 – Tune in to your Superpower!
LESSON 3 – The BIG daily practice.
LESSON 4 – Meditate to change your life.
LESSON 5 – Your attitude of gratitude.
LESSON 6 – You’re daily reset button and the importance of your morning space.
LESSON 7 – Danger of being spiritually lazy.


You are here with a Divine purpose; you are here to make your mark in some way and in this module I am going to help you discover your true calling. Together we will peel back the layers to uncover who you really are; your gifts, passions, values and discover what truly makes you tick. It’s time to be fully authentic and shine your light bright.

LESSON 1 – Reveal your life’s purpose.
LESSON 2 – Uncover your V spot.
LESSON 3 – Follow your true joy.
LESSON 4 – Your environment.
LESSON 5 – Your tree of life.
LESSON 6 – Employee of the Universe – time to shine your divine light!
LESSON 7 – Meditation and prayer.


Your mindset ultimately determines whether you succeed or fail in life. Your thoughts matter and they matter a lot. In this module you will come face-to-face with both your inner guide and inner critic. You will discover what is holding you back from the life you want, and what you need to do to release and set yourself free. It’s time to rewire your mind and I am going to show you how.

LESSON 1 – The ego mind is your master.
LESSON 2 – Meet your Inner Critic.
LESSON 3 – Meet your Inner Guide.
LESSON 4 – Asking the right questions will set you free.
LESSON 5 – Uncover your top 3 big limiting beliefs.
LESSON 6 – Re-wiring your mind for big change.
LESSON 7 – My top three secret tools for reprogramming the mind.


It’s time for inspired action, it’s time to create your new destiny! Get clear on your definition of success and happiness, create your dream board for the year ahead and most importantly create a solid 12-month plan for positive change and transformation.

LESSON 1 – Dream board your new destiny.
LESSON 2 – Your definition of success and happiness.
LESSON 3 – Creating your tribe.
LESSON 4 – Daily plug-in for inspired action.
LESSON 5 – BIG inspired action, no pushing please!
LESSON 6 – The BIG plan and timeline.
LESSON 7 – Knowing what’s the right path.
LESSON 8 – Be patient. Never give up!

Thank you so much for changing my life. I was numb for so many years and now I have a vision for the future. One day I will put your name down on the ‘I want to thank’ list for being one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Inka

  • You will have a manifesting toolbox of techniques at your fingertips to use today and for the rest of your life.
  • You will learn to master your mindset, become more present and transcend the mind-chatter so you can reach a higher state of consciousness.
  • You will know how to activate your manifesting superpower and how to tap back in any time you want.
  • People will start to see big changes in your life and will want to know your secret.
  • You will learn how to manifest like some of the most successful people on this planet. You will finally know what they know.
  • You will light up the room and others will be naturally drawn to your higher energy.
  • You will wake up each morning with new found energy and zest for life.
  • You’ll rediscover your childlike excitement for life and look forward to the future.


Access around 20 hours of high-definition video lessons, yours 24/7, 365 to work through at your own pace.


Over 40x supporting exercises and step-by-step worksheets to download and use as you wish.


Lifetime access, the course is yours forever. Take it as many times as you need.


Four guided meditations to support you on your journey.


A personally signed copy of Louise’s latest book Mindset Mastery delivered to your door, wherever you are in the world!

This 12-week course has the potential to change your life!

“This is your opportunity to take a deep spiritual dive to unlock your potential, release the blocks and most importantly discover your superpower within.”

Invest in yourself.
Unleash your own Superpower and change your life now!

Doors close 31st October 2018

`12-week course just 


$329 usd / 285 eur

Ts & Cs apply. See below.

Professional Biography

As the author of the books ‘Finding a Future That Fits’ and ‘Mindset Mastery‘ – Louise’s expertise and life-changing techniques have secured her position as one of the UK’s leading and most prolific life coaches. With her estimable credentials, ever-growing client list, Louise has excelled in the extraordinary task of changing our behavioural landscape.

As a prolific writer and vlogger, Louise has been featured in many of the top national magazines and newspapers including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Psychologies,  The Telegraph and The Guardian as well as BBC radio. She also blogs for The Huffington Post.

As an award-winning motivational and inspirational speaker Louise has spoken alongside some of the world’s best thought leaders such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Robert Holden and Sonia Choquette.

Her unique style of coaching has produced some amazing results, helping people to define their goals and turn their lives around with amazing success.

What do my clients think?

As seen in

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