“Thank you so much Louise for changing my life. I was numb for so many years, now I have a vision for the future.”

Discover Your Superpower Within

This is your opportunity to take a deep spiritual dive to unlock your potential, release the blocks and most importantly discover your superpower within. This 6-week course has the potential to change your life! Sign up if you’re ready to create miracles!

This course is perfect if you’re…

  • Lacking direction and focus.
  • Looking for answers and feel trapped by current circumstances.
  • Feeling burnt out and disconnected from life.
  • Feeling lost and like life is passing by.
  • Feeling a deep void and don’t know how to fill it.
  • Tired of living by someone else’s rules.
  • Someone who knows they have a calling in life but don’t know what it is.
  • Wanting to know how to become a better manifestor.
  • Looking for a spiritual teacher to light the way
  • Wanting to find a deeper, spiritual practice.

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“Your passion for helping me to live my dream has been inspirational. Thanks to you I re-connected with all my talents, knowledge and most importantly my true purpose.”


This is a very special opportunity for a limited few that are looking to make big changes and would like to personally work with Louise over the next 6 months. If you’re fed up of not achieving your goals and watching the years roll by, then this mastermind will help you to finally grab hold of life with both hands and make big changes with the support of Louise and the rest of the mastermind group. This mastermind will be limited to 18 places only.

Investment: £145 per month for 6 months.

This programme is perfect if you’re…

  • Looking for a spiritual teacher to light the way.
  • Wanting to set big life-changing goals this year.
  • Ready to release the blocks and take charge of your life.
  • Yearning for a regular dose of inspiration, tools, tips and ideas to transform your life this year.
  • Looking for a tribe of like-minded people to grow, share ideas and insights.
  • Desire to expand spiritually this year.
  • After ongoing support, guidance and more importantly accountability over the next 6 months to get you moving in the right direction towards feeling fulfilled.

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“Thanks so much for helping to bring my energy back! As a result of attending your retreat I can honestly say for the first time in 18 months I can see light and most importantly I can see me again!”

3-Day Retreat with Louise
Venue – Shropshire, United Kingdom

Join me for my annual Autumn Retreat and discover how to transform your life by releasing your blocks and discovering your natural superpower within. This is a unique opportunity to step away from your life for a few days and spend time with one the UK’s leading personal growth experts.

Throughout the weekend, Louise will take you on a journey of transformation where you can replenish, fill up your tank and find the clarity and direction you’re looking for! Plus, there will be plenty of time for chilling out and meeting new like-minded friends.

This retreat is perfect if you’re…

  • Looking to escape or getaway to re-charge and fill up your tank.
  • Needing time out to find clarity and direction.
  • Yearning for peace and quiet and be surrounded by nature.
  • Feeling burnt out and disconnected from life.
  • Looking for a spiritual teacher to light the way.
  • Desire to develop spiritually.
  • Wanting to meet a group of like-minded souls.

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“As one of the UKs top coaches and a walker of her talk, Louise really knows her stuff! There is no better expert to help you launch and grow your business”

Mybusinessbaby Business Launcher Programme with Louise

If you’ve recently just trained or launched your service-base business and are ready to make you mark on the planet in a big way, then I’d love to hear from you. I work one-2-one with a small number of business owners who are looking to become the go to expert, attract more clients and increase the earnings.

This course is perfect if you’re…

  • A coach, expert, author, consultant, practitioner.
  • Looking to grow and expand your service-based business this year.
  • Tired of pedalling too hard trying to attract clients.
  • Wanting to create a strong brand that everyone wants.
  • Wanting to make your mark on the planet in a bigger way.
  • Wanting to speak on stage, get feature in the media or even write a book.
  • Feeling called to teach, speak, write and touch as many lives as you possible can with your work.

Ready to change your life?

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“What makes Louise stand out is her commitment to excellence.If you have big plans but aren’t sure where to begin then Louise can help you get laser focused and support you on your journey.”

Dr Christy Fergusson – Nutritional Therapist, Psychologist and Author